Order Book Administrative Guide Introduction And Requirments

OrderBook Administrative Guide Overview

OrderBook is an easy-to-use app and administrative system built to make inventory management and purchasing much simpler. Accessed from your computer, authorized administrators can manage their stock locations and users, monitor arts usage and purchasing, and access reports.

Administrative System Requirements: OrderBook Admin is access from your computer and an internet connection. We recommend the use of Google Chrome as your browser and specifically DO NOT support the use of Microsoft Internet Explorer for OrderBook.

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① User Settings: View and update User Name, Email address and Password. Administrative Logout.

② Re-Order: View summary parts usage by Stock Location. View parts usage, manage and place stock replenishment orders, and view past orders.

③ Search Parts: Search Stock List for your company, or the master parts database. Alphanumeric search or search by category. Add parts to your master Stock List, or add parts to your database.

④ Stock Locations: Manage or add stock locations. Add users to stock locations, set ship-to locations, customize the parts list for any stock location, and select default supplier fulfillment location.

⑤ Purchase Orders: Access to past system purchase orders

⑥ Suppliers: Very orders by supplier location. Add suppliers and edit communication settings with alternate suppliers.

⑦ Ship To Addresses: OrderBook can manage different ship to location for each stock location. Create and manage these ship to addresses.

⑧ Users: Add new users and manage user settings. Control purchasing privileges and administrative settings. View parts usage by user.

⑨ Company Settings: Set GPS sensitivity. Enable customer numbering for purchase orders, and set starting number.

⑩ You Barcodes: View and print your “parts book” - a printable list of your Stock Items sorted by category. This list includes product images and scannable QR codes. It may be print in book form or onto self-adhesive labels for use as bin tags.

⑪ User Map: Last user location for each OrderBook user.

⑫ Parts Usage Graph - 30 day total parts quantity used by day.

⑬ Items Details: Real time list of most recent parts used. Click View Details to see a chronological list of parts usage including stock location and GPS location of parts usage.

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Last updated on 10th Dec 2015