Order Book Adminstration Purchase Vs Use Quantity

OrderBook Administration Video: Purchase vs Use Quantity Setup and Use


OrderBook Administration Setup and Use of Purchase vs Use Quantitys

  • Programmed Order vs. Use Quantities - Some items, such as refrigerant, are used in one quantity, (lbs. for instance) and purchased in another quantity (for instance 25 lb. cylinders). This programming will flag items that have usage quantities that are not an exact factor of the purchase quantity. To resolve either: 1. leave the reorder box unchecked and usage will get carried in the next reorder cycle, 2. change the order quantity to become a factor of the purchase quantity, or 3: check the re-order box without changing the purchase quantity which will included the item on the replenishment order but may result in a supply error or higher cost per unit ordered.
Last updated on 10th Dec 2015