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OrderBook App Guide "User Your Parts" Search Screen

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① Alpha Numeric Search - You can search your parts list, or the entire database by entering search characters here. Our advance search algorithm allows you to enter multiple search elements: for instance you can enter “3450” to find 3450 RPM motors, or “3450” and “1/2HP” to find 3450 RPM 1/2HP motors.

When a search string is entered we will search the part number, the primary description, saved UPC codes, and saved customer part number for results.

② To search your stock items only, check the “Search Only Your Parts” checkbox. By default this checkbox is unchecked and will search the entire database.

③ Category Search - Most parts databases, including our default database, are organized by category. Examples of categories are “Copper Fittings” or “HVAC Thermostats”. When you select a category we will display a list of all parts in that category organized alphanumerically by part number.

④ Search Results List - In this area we display a list of your parts alphanumerically by part number. The default display is of your stock parts. If you have used our search features the results will be displayed here. You can scroll up and down this list to find and select an inventory item.

⑤ Use this link to view details of an item. Click View Item to open item details page and record parts usage, view parts images or connected files, view a ledger of parts usage, add or update UPC codes or customer part numbers, or add items to your stock list.

⑥ Use Item QuickLink - Click this link to rapidly record the usage of the selected part. When a item from your stock list is used we will add it to your used items replenishment report, and record quantity used and location (if available) in the item ledger.

Last updated on 9th Dec 2015