Order Book App Guide 4. Parts Detail Page

OrderBook App Guide "Parts Detail" Screen

OrderBook Parts

OrderBook PartsBack Page Button - Universally used to return to previously viewed page.

① Database Part Number from Vendor - not editable.

OrderBook Parts“MyStock” Symbol - Universally used indicates that the stock item viewed is on your stock list.

② Database Part Description from Vendor - not editable.

③ Primary UPC code for item barcode reading. Secondary UPC codes can be added in “Edit” link on this page.

④ Contractor Part Number - Custom Part numbers may be added to OrderBook to reflect part numbers used by the contractor's accounting or administrative systems. “Search” function will query entered Contractor part numbers. To add or edit Custom Part numbers in “Edit” link on this page.

⑤ Edit Item - Click this to add or update Contractor part number or add alternate UPC codes to be used with barcode based stock searches.

⑥ Use Item - Click this link to record the usage of the selected part. When a item from your stock list is used we will add it to your used items replenishment report, and record quantity used and location (if available) in the item ledger.

⑦ One Time Order - Create an instant PO for selected part. This will immediately initiate a PO of item(s) desired. This will not interface with “replenishment” stock lists or replenishment orders.

⑧ Show Usage History - A parts ledger to show details of past parts usage.

Last updated on 9th Dec 2015