Order Book App Guide 5. Order Parts Page

How to Re-order Parts in the OrderBook App

OrderBook Re-Order

In the browser based administration dashboard, all supplier locations are set-up, and default suppliers are set-up for each part. In addition ship-to locations are specified for orders generated.

① Supplier Name and Address - Based on the part use recorded, this is the default supplier for material to be replenished. More than one supplier list can be managed with the app re-order area.

② Ship-to Address - In admin the default ship-to address is designated for each stock location.

③ Order Check-box - If this box is checked (which is the default setting) this item will be included in the replenishment order. If un-check, item will not be ordered and usage will be carried into the next re-order cycle.

④ Used / Order Quantity - the quantity of parts used by item since the previous purchase order is displayed here, and may be edited to change order quantity.

⑤ Programmed Order vs. Use Quantities - Some items, such as refrigerant, are used in one quantity, (lbs. for instance) and purchased in another quantity (for instance 25 lb. cylinders). This programming will flag items that have usage quantities that are not an exact factor of the purchase quantity. To resolve either: 1. leave the reorder box unchecked and usage will get carried in the next reorder cycle, 2. change the order quantity to become a factor of the purchase quantity, or 3: check the re-order box without changing the purchase quantity which will included the item on the replenishment order but may result in a supply error or higher cost per unit ordered.

⑥ PO Options - Based on user settings set by OrderBook administrators, users can either submit an order to administrators for approval, or place a replenishment order directly and immediately. OrderBook can generate a system PO number, or one can be manually entered here.

Last updated on 11th Dec 2015