Order Book App Guide 6. Core Offline Operation

OrderBook App Guide Core Offline Operation

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Core is an innovative offline mode for OrderBook. It is automatic and very simple to use. It is lightning fast. It is powerful enough to record activity all day and you can switch from Core to Full OrderBook or back with just a click. Activity recorded with Core is automatically synced to full OrderBook as soon as you switch to the online version of your mobile device.

① Go Online - This link returns you to the OrderBook Online mode, and sends any data collected while in Core Mode to the full version.

② Use Your Parts - Flexible utility that displays a scrollable list of items for your stock location, or allows you to alpha search your parts list for a particular item. View item and record item usage.

③ Parts Scanner - Use the camera on your mobile Apple or Android device to scan barcodes or QR tags on your inventory. The fastest easiest way to record your parts usage. Toggle “Flashlight” on or off based on your lighting needs.

Last updated on 10th Dec 2015