Roam Crm+ App Guide 02. Home Screen

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① Accounts: Flexible utility that displays allows you to find and work with your accounts, or all accounts in our customer database.

② Schedule: Schedule combines our popular “MyDay” interface with conventional calendar views. View what you’ve done today, how far you’ve travelled, and what you have yet to do today, this week, on this month.

③ Tasks: Personal reminders and powerful collaboration.

④ Library: Access documents for over 360 HVACR manufacturers. Available documents include literature, installation guides, parts lists, MSDS safety sheets and more. Currently includes over 18,000 documents.

⑤ Core: Offline Mode - Core allows you to operate Roam without cell service or a data signal, and then auto-sync call information when you return to the online version of Roam.

⑥ Left Navigation: Shortcut links to primary activities from any page in the App.

Last updated on 10th Dec 2015