Roam Crm+ App Guide 03. Find Customer Records

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① Default Customer List: When you click Accounts, we use the GPS chip in your device to find your location, and then display a list of Your Accounts that are closest to you. Your Accounts are the accounts that you are responsible for, is typically established with sales management for your company, and is managed in the administrative version or Roam.

② GPS - Alpha Sort Toggle: This link allows you to change to sort method your Your Accounts Listed here. The default is to display the accounts closest to you, but click this link and we will change the sort to Alphanumeric so you can easily find accounts that are not near you now.

③ Display All Accounts Nearby: Click this link and we will display all nearby accounts whether or not they are on your My Accounts list. This will access the MyPointNow database of over 300,000 trade companies in North America, and will allow you to use this list to find new accounts that are in your territory.

banner iconRed Banner Accounts: are accounts that are on your MyAccounts list.

banner icon Black Banner Accounts: When you record activity on an account that is not on your My Account list, or add a new account, we add it to your My Accounts list conditionally and display it with a black banner. If the account is added to your list in Roam Administration, then the banner will become red.

greeneye icon View Full Account Details: Click on this icon to view full account details. In the account center you can edit account details, view interaction history, add or edit employees, and record all types of interaction activity with the account.

greeneye iconQuick-link Navigation: Click to access a list of account activities that can be recorded without navigating to the account center. Record phone calls, write note, create tasks, schedule appoints, record expenses and more.

④ Alpha Numeric Search: You can search the entire company database by entering search characters here. Enter at least 4 or 5 characters and search results will be displayed.

⑤ Add Customer: To create a new customer record click here.

Last updated on 10th Dec 2015