Roam Crm+ App Guide 04. Quick Link Actions

OrderBook Customer Center

Trt Text Recognition Tags (trTag): All data input areas, like phone, notes and tasks are trTag enabled. trTags are words that are entered in Roam Administration that are automatically recognized when entered, and are used to identify and sort important activities in Roam customer records and history.

① Make or Document a phone call: You can one-click call the primary phone number for this company. You can also document to results of phone calls here, and they will be identified as “Phone” records in account history. trTag enabled.

② Checkin: Record arrival at a customer’s location. Check-in will be recorded in history and be used in mileage travelled and map functions.

③ Notes: Document details of a meeting or discussion with contractor. trTag enabled.

④ Schedule: Create a calendar event with this contractor. Will post event on your calendar and in MyDay system.

⑤ Expense Item: Record an expense associated with this contractor. Use camera to save receipt. Expense with be displayed in expense tracking system, and also in customer expense ledger.

⑥ Email: Create an email to contractor personnel.

⑦ Task Manager: Create a task for you or a team member with reminder system. Open Tasks will be listed in Tasks menu. Tasks you assign to others: recipient will be notified of new task. trTag enabled.

⑧ Duplicate Record: Database change request to merge duplicate records in master list. System administrators will “merge” duplicate account to ensure that important information is combined properly.

⑨ Out of Business: Request to Delete company record from database because they are no longer in operation.

Last updated on 11th Dec 2015