Roam Crm+ App Guide 05. Account Center

OrderBook Customer Center

Trt Text Recognition Tags (trTag): All data input areas, like phone, notes and tasks are trTag enabled. trTags are words that are entered in Roam Administration that are automatically recognized when entered, and are used to identify and sort important activities in Roam customer records and history.

① Action Link: Click to access a list of account activities that can be recorded with this account. Record phone calls, write note, create tasks, schedule appoints, record expenses and more.

② Notes: Quick-link to create a note for this account to record activity. Notes will be added to sales reporting and account history. trTag enabled.

③ Call: Make or Document a phone call: Onclick you can one-click call the primary phone number for this company. You can also document to results of phone calls here, and they will be identified as “Phone” records in account history. trTag enabled.

④ Edit Account: Update account name, address, phone number. Add customer logo, website, of customer data fields.

⑤ Link to Mapping and Directions: Click here to very a location map for this contractor, and access turn-by-turn directions.

⑥ Text Recognition Tag Display: This area displays trTags associated with this account.

⑦ Connected Users: the name(s) of team members for you company that are responsible for interaction with this account.

⑧ Account History: All recorded activity entered by any company user associated with this account displayed by date and user. (displayed for two years) These include checkins, notes, tasks, calls and more.

⑨ Employees: List of employees working with this company including contact information and personal information that has been entered.

Last updated on 11th Dec 2015