Roam Crm+ App Guide 06. Schedule

OrderBook Schedule

Schedule in our new Roam CRM+ combines “MyDay” features with a conventional calendar system. The day view, displayed here combines details what you have done today, the miles you’ve travelled, and what you have yet to do in the form of upcoming appointments.

Upcoming Appointments should be scheduled in your Accounts area rather than here using the quick-fill schedule link, or on the action menu in the account center. In desktop mode you can also use our automated schedule system: GeoScheduler.

New! AutoSchedule: Advanced automated scheduling system.

② Mileage Today: the point-to-point mileage you have recorded today. Roam does not track your device with your GPS chip to calculate mileage. Rather we utilize Google’s shortest point-to-point mileage calculations based on where you have checked in.

③ Check-in Record: The time that you checked in at a customer location and the mileage travelled to.

Account Link

Link to Customer Center: Click to go to customer center to review details, notes etc recorded.

④ Upcoming Appointments: Appointment still up-coming today with link to customer center.

Checkin LinkCheck-in Link: Click to check-in to customer location for this appointment.

⑤ Optional Check-Out: To check-out of the location you last checked-in to click check-out. This will record the length of time you spent on that appointment. This information will be reported on your sales report. The use of this feature is not required.

⑥ Week View: Click to see a week view of your appointment schedule.

⑦ Month View: Traditional month to month view of your calendar.

Last updated on 15th Jan 2016