Roam Crm+ App Guide 07. Auto Schedule Select Zones

AutoSchedule Zones

AutoSchedule is our advanced automated planning tool that will make you more efficient and help you prioritize your time based on your call history, the priorities of my accounts, and the geographic area you serve.

AutoSchedule is extremely sophisticated, but is is fast and very simple use.

① Zones: Are groups of your accounts that you have selected in the Roam+ administration area. When you first use AutoSchedule you will need to set-up one or more zones using our simple map based set-up tool. Zones are generally organized based on their geographic proximity and are accounts that you would typically call on in a single day.

② Zone Name and number of accounts assigned to this zone: When creating a zone you can give it any name that is convenient to you. We display the number of accounts in a zone here.

③ Schedule: Click here to open the AutoSchedule panel for any given zone.

Last updated on 15th Jan 2016