Roam Crm+ App Guide 08. Auto Schedule Set Day

AutoSchedule Zones

This center is used to review and modify AutoSchedule’s call recommendations and set-up a plan for a travel day.

① Select Date: Specify the date that you are going to travel to this area.

② Select Starting Point: Select the saved address that you are plan to start your day from. This is used to calculate the distance and time required from your starting point to your first call.

③ Sort Direction: We use the Google Map API to calculate your best route of travel based on the accounts you want to see. This specifies if you want to start at your closest, or furthest point of travel for your day.

④ Last Touch: This is the last time you interacted with this account, and is used with the Account Type by AutoSchedule to determine if you should call on an account on this trip.

⑤ Account Type: This represents the touch frequency that you have set for this account. A accounts are typically more valuable and require more frequent contact, while B, C, and D accounts have called on less frequently.

⑥ Select Check-box: Checked records will be on the call schedule for the day you are planning. Recommended Accounts are the top ten account in this zone you should consider seeing.

⑦ All Other Account: Review all other accounts in this zone and select if you want to schedule on this day.

⑧ Schedule Zone: Click to complete your day plan.

Important Note: A given account can be part of more than one zone. A second strategy with AutoSchedule allows you to create a zone based on the type of business or if they handle a particular key product line. With this strategy you create create a schedule to call on only that sub-group of accounts like Trane dealers or Refrigeration contractors exclusively. This allows you to setup custom travel plans to work with that subset of your accounts.

Last updated on 27th Jan 2016