Roam Crm+ App Guide 09. Auto Schedule Review Day

AutoSchedule Results

This screen is a review of the day being set-up, and that was pushed to the calendar and MyDay systems in Roam+.

① Starting Address: The saved address that you are starting your day from.

② Trip Summary: The total mileage and time required to complete this trip (excluding the miles and time required to travel from your last appoint to your home or other end-of-day stopping point).

③ Company name of first appointment.

④ Estimated Time: required to travel from your saved address (or previous appointment) to this location using the Google shortest route trip API.

⑤ Arrival time is based on a day starting time of 8:00 am and rounded to the next half hour interval. Departure time is based on a default appointment duration of 30 minutes.

⑥ Click to Schedule Another Day or navigate to another App feature.

Last updated on 18th Jan 2016