Roam Crm+ App Guide 10. Creating Tasks

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Tasks are events or reminders that represent open items, todos or collaboration between team members. A task can be created by a user as a personal reminder, or as a todo or notification for another team member. Tasks can be updated continuously, and closed when done. Open tasks will be visible on the user’s task list, and on the customer center involved. Closed tasks will be in account history and in sales reports.

① Tasks almost always start with an account. To create a task use the Quick-links in Accounts, or Actions in the account center. This is a link back to the customer account center.

② Title and Description: use Siri, or type information about the task being created.

③ Assigned To: Defaulted to the user creating the task. Other team members can also be selected on this pull-down menu to assign this task to team. If the task is assign to another team member they will be notified by email (or text), and the task will be added to their task list.

④ Due Date: A due date and time may be selected, but are not required. The default due date is one day after the day the task is created.

⑤ Using the camera on your device, you can take a photograph and attach it to the task. Images can be very helpful to record unit information, job conditions, business cards etc.

⑥ If you have an image that you created previously, you can search you image file and select an image to attach to the task.

⑦ Create Task: Click here to create your new task.

Last updated on 19th Dec 2015