Roam Crm+ App Guide 11. Working With Open Tasks

Open Tasks

Tasks is a small scale but detailed project management interface. You can view details and past activity on an open task. You can add new details and photographs. You can also close the task when it is complete.

① View information that was entered when the task was create including who create the task and when.

② Saved images associated with the task. Click on the image to view a full sized version of the image with zoom capabilities.

③ Due date and the team member the task is assigned to.

④ Add new details via siri voice to text or direct entry. An unlimited number of entries can be added to this task prior to completion. All new information will be date and user stamped.

⑤ Click here to add an image saved on your device to the task. Select image from your image files and then click ⑦ Update Task. New photos saved will be date and user stamped.

⑥ Use the camera on your device to add a new image to this task and then click ⑦ Update Task.

⑦ To save any updates to an active task you must click Update Task.

⑧ Close Task: This will permanently close this task. If the task was created by one team member but assigned to another the originator of the task will receive notification via email that the task is complete. Full details of the task will be added to history in the customer center, and also as a task on the user’s sales report.

Last updated on 17th Jan 2016