Roam Crm+ App Guide 12. Viewing Your Task List

OrderBook Tasks List

Clicking Tasks form the main screen brings you to the tasks list.

① All / Open Toggle: The default is all open tasks that are less than thirty days past due, and have due dates less than fourteen days from the current date. Click “All” to display tasks closed within the last seven days, and all open tasks regardless of due date.

② Account Information and Link: Customer name and link to account center.

Roam EditOpen or Edit Task: Click this icon to open task to view history, add information or images, or close the task.

③ Set-up and Due Dates: These dates were established when the task was created. Also shows the originator of the task.

④ Past Due Indicator: For any task that remains open past the date established when the task was created.

Last updated on 19th Dec 2015