Roam Crm+ App Guide 13. Core Online Mode

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Core is an innovative offline mode for Roam CRM+. It is automatic and very simple to use. When you open the full version or Roam CRM+ each morning, we save your Account List on your mobile device. Working from your systems’ memory and GPS chip, we can display account information and record activity locally, then sync it to the full version whenever you return to the full version of Roam CRM+.

If you do not have a data signal, or are in Airplane mode Roam will open in Core mode automatically.

It is lightning fast. It is powerful enough to record activity all day and you can switch from Core to Full Roam or back with just a click. Activity recorded with Core is automatically synced to full Roam CRM+ as soon as you switch to the online version of your mobile device.

Roam HomeSiri or Google Voice - will work in Core Only if you have a data signal; if not you will need to enter data by typing it in.

① GPS - Alpha Sort Toggle: This link allows you to change to sort method your Your Accounts Listed here. The default is to display the accounts Alphanumerically, but click this link and we will change the sort to so you can easily find accounts that are closest to you.

② Account Information: Name, address and distance from you (if displayed based on location) of all accounts on your Account List.

③ Notes: Document details of a meeting or discussion with contractor. trTag enabled.

④ Checkin: Record arrival at a customer’s location. Check-in will be recorded in history and be used in mileage travelled and map functions.

⑤ Make or Document a phone call: You can one-click call the primary phone number for this company. You can also document to results of phone calls here, and they will be identified as “Phone” records in account history. trTag enabled.

⑥ Go Online - This link returns you to the Roam CRM+ Online mode, and sends any data collected while in Core Mode to the full version.

Last updated on 11th Dec 2015